• voices_within 31w


    Burden To bear, time as a soldier on a mission from God awaiting to awaken distraught in my shadow facing a man lost on a journey in the abyss of time looking up to the sky no longer day dreaming about what I could of done with my life only ever hoping and praying for someone to recognize all which I have done to be we're I am wanting to rise up from the Burden of my past experience in life love ones close to me gone soaring through the clouds guardian angels to lift our Spirits High conquer this evil deep within our souls while focused on the prize able to survive
    Fighting with ourselves never giving up all which we have overcome now shining a light on the road ahead tell we meet again one day were together forever and ever until then we can only hope and pray we don't steer from the path back to the eyes of a lost Hero upon the path of Destruction with no one else other than the enemy to engage with PTSD.