• xoliswamgidlana_ 5w

    Do I have a choice?

    Your life is 100% your responsibility and,
    What you do is 100% absolutely up to you but
    What you choose to do is 99.9% accurate
    that it was interfered with, choices.

    Those choices are sometimes missing and,
    It's your responsibility to make it work but
    Without emotional intelligence surely the
    decisions will be based on assumptions.

    Do I have a choice?
    One of the best excuses of rushing into
    Decision making, further jump unto conclusions
    And that's no jump off, kind of systematic.

    Live by rules and what's more of morals?
    Live by principles and what's more of unpredictables?
    All these laws but what's more of equality?
    All these media but what's more of dignity?

    Morals determine your dignity,
    While unpredictables conveys your principles,
    Then equality establishes laws,
    And the media portrays dignity.

    Imply to assume,
    Be curious to hear,
    Be vigilant for vividness,
    Observe to tell.

    Have a choice to question things,
    Values to stand your ground,
    Of course boundaries to affirm yourself,
    And stay unpredictable.