• rahulnani 5w

    My stubborn heart never really learnt to let go of things that mean something in life.
    I still want you close.
    Sometimes I wonder the last time we met,
    I should have hugged you and told you how I feel bout you
    I was so weak, but I'm stronger when I'm with you
    The colour of your eyes,
    The gloss on your lips,
    The warmth of your smile,
    The curls on your hair,
    The way you look at me still makes me insomniac.
    I wish I could have met you long ago, cuz it almost takes forever to express my love for you.
    I'd wish for nothing to change how, in the whole crowd, it's only your soul that my heart would recognise,
    The way we laugh before on our lame jokes.
    I just want to look at you in the eye,
    Hold you tight,
    Be there for each other just like before,
    Hold your hand,
    And make it till the end with everything that you've never seen and promise you memories that lasts a lifetime.