• god_voice 9w

    Inbuilt potential

    *Just see it attentively. It has never ending and immeasurable depth. Just let this make happens in your practical life. Then you could see the right perspectives of anything. Otherwise u have the every possibility to revolve around the actual and factual. Pl don't see the periphery. Sometimes in some of cases and situations you won't find anything significant. Just see in the very potential and merged genetics. For, you would have to go into the genesis and observe there as a minutely study. Otherwise you will be hallucinated. You wont understand anything. It would be like this as they say. "सारी रात रामायण पढ़ी और सुबह उठकर पूछते हैं कि सीता किसका बाप था ?" It is the non understanding problem. It is the practical problem in the world. Because human mind has been made in such complex manner. Thank you. ✋©100_quanta@KD