• jossithepoet 10w


    I hold these tears in and they swallow me from the inside out
    I’ve cried so long and so many times the water no longer reaches the surface of my skin it just moves in waves of chills deep within I feel the fluster in my cheeks and fill me with a deep feeling of sorrow but they never fall from my tear ducts I feel the water and frustration course through my cells not being able to release your tears is a new breed of hell when you’ve hurt so much and so long your eyes no longer want to share in the pain
    water is good for cleanse but you just can’t seem to let it rain
    So the feelings just flow continuously and circle back up and down never ending just going around and around your body feels the sensation of shedding a tear but when you touch your face it’s dry as a desert sky is clear no tears have fallen no pain was released I guess that water remains inside you until you just become deceased