• burning_souls731 6w

    I'm Not Dead

    Tell them that I'm not dead,
    I'm gone in the world yonder,
    In the land of the dead I tread,
    Counting the dead as I wander,
    Mourn me not ye woebegone,
    For thy tears trouble me so,
    Wherefore art thou wail thereon?
    Thus making melody for my foe
    For he is dancing on my grave,
    Tell them I need not their sorrow,
    To those I'm akin, I say be brave,
    I feel no pain, I'm only but hollow,
    IfI don't return when time is nigh,
    Dig me up and do as it's comely,
    Create a pyre and bid me goodbye,
    Let the flames light up brightly,
    It might lessen the cold herein.