• paragdevkar 10w

    When violet grew in my backyard

    When violet grew in my backyard,
    The sun was raging and the soil was charred.
    But she was a beauty in a dauntless form
    As she survived through the sun and the storm.
    And days passed away though the time seemed still
    And the season of love became the season of chill,
    The violet danced on with a radiant glow
    Till she breathed her last under the shower of snow.
    The chill pressed on through its benign crime
    And the violet seemed a memory buried in time.
    But as days passed by and life went on,
    The spring walked over now that winter was gone.
    Like a miracle enchanting, straight out of the blue
    Like a Lazarus, the violet was reborn anew.
    So when time is difficult and the onslaught is hard
    I remember the time when violet grew in my backyard.