• priyawal 26w


    If I could just
    make you smile
    I would do
    anything in the world
    and stay awhile
    If I could make you forget
    all that haunts you
    and spin you a story
    that makes you
    travel to the distant galaxies instead
    I would
    if I could show you
    all the magic that awaits you
    all the magic you are
    if I could fill your day with joy and wonder
    If I could make you laugh
    even for a moment
    and in exchange take on the worlds
    sorrow for a day
    I would
    My fingers sit comfortable
    in the spaces of your hand
    But in this ever changing
    ever evolving cosmos
    if my hand feels heavy
    fly my friend
    I have an airtight jar
    full of
    moments of mirth
    boundless love
    memories that outlive lifetimes...
    labelled “you”.