• anvaya 9w

    Hug From My Heart

    Hey, I know things are a bit hard
    Some days you feel a bit low
    Sometimes you feel depressed
    Like no good would ever follow

    Life may suddenly look mundane
    Every day feels just like the same
    Nothing seems to cheer you up
    Every activity looks lame

    Heart aching nostalgia
    Of the golden old days
    Stress and uncertainty
    About life's next phase

    Walls and screens
    Have painted your life gray
    Days just pass by like it's
    All work and no play
    Don't worry, it's okay
    To sometimes feel that way

    Sometimes it's okay to complain
    Sometimes it's okay to whine
    And sometimes it's okay to tell yourself
    Everything's gonna be fine

    It's okay to take things easy
    Curl up with a book and read
    Pamper yourself with pizzas
    Or scroll through your favorite feed

    It's okay to just be with family
    Or give your bff a ring
    And sometimes it's perfectly alright
    To just not do a thing

    Don't be too hard on yourself
    Give yourself time and space
    Just do whatever it would take
    To put a smile on that face.