• _sayma_ 23w

    Let's try a new flavour of life part 2

    Me: where was you when i got hurt many times ?
    Life: i can't answer all your questions because life means adventure where you meet lot peoples who can hurt, who can make you smile but if you know all secretes in beginnings then it will not be fun. It's fun when it has suspense.
    Me: but i didn't found any good people here
    Life: yes you are right because all peoples are finding good peoples but they don't thought that if you're not good then how other will find you.
    Me: it means i need be a good person right ?
    Life: exactly.
    Me: do it really works ?
    Life: if you don't try a new flavour of ice-cream then hows you know that it is tasty or not ?
    Me: ok i will surly try a new flavour of life.