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    Halloween Ballad Poem with
    4 Stanzas
    4 Lines in Each Stanza
    Rhyme Scheme as AABB

    I Was Walking Alone On A Deserted Road
    On A Chilly Winter Night I Was In Sweat Mode
    There Was An Eerie Feeling In My Heart
    I Felt Like Fear Would Tear Me Apart

    All Of A Sudden Came A Witch On A Broom
    She Wore A Spooky Hat & A Weird Costume
    Was She A Vampire Or A Zombie Or A Ghost?
    The Broom Zoomed Me To A Sea Coast

    Garlands Of Bones, Scary Bats & Magic Wands Galore
    Blood On The Floor, They All Looked To Me Like Carnivores
    Baked Potatoes, Caramel Apple, Candy Pumpkins & Bonfire Toffee
    The Ambience On The Coast Seemed Scary As Well As Naughty

    All The Vampires & Witches Surrounded Me
    I Looked Closely At Them & Ohh, I Smiled With Glee
    They Were My Darling Friends Giving Me A Halloween Surprise
    But Zooming On A Broom? That Can Happen Only In Dream Guys!!! ☠️������������‍♀

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    Halloween Ballad Poem

    Meghana Doshi