• shreedha 6w

    Kid at Heart

    When I look back ...
    I see a little kid sitting in the corner..
    enjoying each day loud music he was a big supporter..
    Anything u say he absorbs inside ..ahh who doesn’t need a man like him who never let u cry..
    He is d one who is lil dumb but has a golden heart ❣
    To Make everyone happy is his art..
    he is d one whose inside kid sometimes need a candy and next day a glass of wine..
    even with all these perplexed qualities he alwas shine..
    I olws found him around when I need him the most..
    For A moment he will b the most sensible person ..next moment u might see him making paper boat..
    I just can’t describe him in words he is beyond imagination..
    All these alphabet aren’t enough for his recognition..
    This small little kid live his life to the fullest Nd never ever leave you if u make it in his list..
    Never wonder when life screw u and you find him holding ur wrist ..
    Even If He himself doesn’t know where to go ..
    he make sure he wl b there wid u just to go wd the flow..
    In short he ls a little tiny hope which god has gifted u for ur darkness..
    His tu jake aa is more then enough to fill ur emptiness..

    By Arun Appu