• millenniumworld 22w

    Mister Explorer

    *Mister Explorer*
    I am an explorer,
    One in search of the good things of life,
    In life I find Nature,
    In Nature I find my happiness.
    I'm a believer of myth,
    Coverter to reality.

    Here comes,
    The journey to find a land,
    That is only accessible through a portal,
    A secret password and,
    Guided by a dazzling Angel.
    An Angel!
    Whose beauty is that of the moon
    Her smile is as radiant as the sun
    Her eyes as attractive as the stars
    Her voice put men to her feet
    Just like a beautiful nightingale.

    I tried to access the land,
    But I was denied entry
    Tried to think over and over again
    What's the secret password to the land I asked?
    She said in a soft voice,
    "Only if you can open your heart, you will see what is hidden In the dark corner of the door"
    Dived in thought,
    "Only if you can open your heart" my mind sings to my brain
    Definitely the secret password within it must be.....
    My heart!!! I shouted
    The secret password is my heart,
    Truly it is heart but not yours only she said
    You will need more than yours my dear she whispered,
    Then if it is not only mine then who owns the other heart,
    I asked?
    That's around you "in the realm of connectivity " she said
    Definitely if it were to be a heart, it will surely be yours I said.
    To my surprise,
    just right beneath her breast I noticed an opening ,
    One which wasn't there before
    That is her heart I whispered
    Her heart is the door to the land I thought ,
    While i was lost in thought
    She said here is the result of "electrostatic attraction "
    Go in she whispered to my ear
    But are you coming I asked???
    Solemnly she said!!
    I will forever be with you just like the stars stays with the sky.
    Credits :pharuq