• lost_in_my_feelings 10w


    I was watching a video about thinking of people why rape happens and disappointed to see, that people still blame the clothes and character of women for this, they meant girls invite rape.
    Even though everyone was aware of how childrens and even new born babies are getting raped the women regardless of their saree, burka, skirt getting raped still they blame women for smiling at men and giving signals that come and do what you want with me.
    DOES MEN NOT SMILE AT WOMEN, DO THEY ALWAYS WEAR APPROPRIATE CLOTHS, NO SHORTS, I have seen them wandering SHIRTLESS. Does it make women to GET EXCITED and molest a man WITHOUT HIS CONSENT because he has given those signs or he should have behaved properly so this wouldn't have happened with him..

    How many years or decades is it going to take more for people to just understand, a person is a human and they have the same feelings,desire, emotions as they have regardless of which gender or sexuality they are.