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    Someone else on here inspired me to write this. Any man that puts his hands on a woman unless he is in fear of imminent death is a coward. I find that most men that beat on women would never in their life fight someone like me. Men like that don't want to fight another man that would beat the shit out of them. They get off on control and power over what they feel is someone weaker. So I urge women to fight back. Let him know that you are not ever going to tolerate it. Once you allow a man to hit you one time and you take him back you have just allowed him to abuse you and get away with it. And he knows it and that is why he will do it again. The man that even thinks about hitting a woman is already not worth anyone's time. There is absolutely no excuse.
    If you are somebody who is being mentally physically or emotionally abused controlled and made to feel subservient and put in fear daily... Shout it out to the world tell everybody you know, and immediately leave the situation no matter what. Cancer that is allowed to remain only spreads to completely destroy. Abusers are like cancer....

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    Insignificant other

    She wore his version of love, in black and blue around her eye,
    She knew that it was coming, but did not want to ask why.
    He was her significant other but soon became insignificant,
    When she met him he was charming and she thought he was so different.
    Soon he became controlling, manipulative, and violent,
    She became distant with the world and chose to remain silent.
    He destroyed her self-worth and beat her with more than just Fists,
    Until one day she decided to stop him by cutting her own wrists.
    Thank God she lived and told others of his abusiveness,
    He was sent to prison for his mental physical and emotional intrusiveness.
    I believe that men like that are cowards even at their meanest,
    They should clear the prison of them and just cut off their penis.....hahaha