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    We found out later that he was ok, he just fainted while dissecting a heart.

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    Love Will Always Hurt.

    The girl I love has a boyfriend. That fact is already enough to break me, knowing that she loves someone else, but the worst and best thing about that is knowing how much she loves him.
    One day at school, we all had different lessons and I just remember her running up to me at lunch time crying and in that moment my heart shattered. She said to me
    " the ambulance outside is for him. Its for him. I don't know what happened or if he's ok, I just saw them carrying him into the ambulance."
    She was so scared of losing him and I think that's what tore through me. I was happy that she was in love and happy, but I was screaming on the inside because I know that she will never love me the way she loves him.

    She has no idea how I feel about her and I want to tell her, but I'm scared that she would never speak to me again