• aditiharshu 23w


    I hated him when he first slapped me of jealousy because I never knew that it was just his complaint for the division of love of entire family.
    I hated him when he first showed his love towards me because I never knew from where that love suddenly came from.
    I hated the moments when my parents took his side and not mine.

    And one day finally the moment happened when he became one of the world's most important person.
    I realized his love when he constantly bore all those insane habits with a constant smile.
    When he used to study for long and I used to disturb him along.
    When he supported in all those works and corrected in all those mistakes.
    When after pleading a hundred of times he had some mercy and kept mum dad in dark for some of our fights.
    When I finally realized that I never lost any of my fights because I kept on weaving memories day and night.