• theblendingscription 5w

    If .

    If I wasn't here ,
    And never was here,
    And never came,
    From her vagina,
    And never born,
    And the accident never happened,
    Of my birth ,
    And I never existed ,
    On the timeline of the universe,
    And my cries,
    Never echoed on the bridge,
    And I never ran away,
    From home,
    Maybe then I would have ..
    Never heard people saying ,
    Hijra hijra hijra ,
    And begged on streets ,
    And got kidnapped ,
    In a dark night ,
    By four men ,
    And got raped in a car,
    Bleeding through the anus ,
    Crying and screaming through the mouth,
    Aching through thighs,
    Bleeding through lips ,
    Red face ,
    And red breasts ,
    And raped by four men ,
    With four different penises ,
    One by one ,
    And one after the other ,
    Hijra cried
    They giggled ,
    When their semen was out ,
    My face they held ,
    Smeared in cow dung ,
    Punched in my chest,
    Ribs were broken,
    Kicked in the stomach,
    Kicked in butt ,
    Kicked on my balls,
    Kicked on my penis ,
    Blood dripped from the lips of face,
    Lips of anus ,
    Throat choked ,
    I walked with my broken limps ,
    Naked and raped ,
    Climbed the balustrade ,
    Of the bridge ,
    Jumped down,
    Off the bridge,
    My skull broke ,
    A hijra no more.
    A hijra born ,
    A hijra ran ,
    A hijra cried ,
    A hijra raped ,
    A hijra dead.