• misskanishka 6w

    Pale winter

    Justice is just a dry leaf.
    I was forever scorned since I was six
    For someone quenched his thirst with me!
    Knocking me down in the red city,
    My own parents disowned me.

    They ceased me and my eyes
    from entering the temples.
    Thorny roses and 'stinky tulips'
    Did lay down in me every night.
    Life was never fair to me,
    Being a girl was a curse

    At the age of twenty
    I decided to forgo my life
    But that night I found a ray of light.
    He became my full moon
    And we were blessed with a girl soon.
    Unlike the moon, he left at last.
    Pleading for help I reached my start
    —The red 'scar'.

    I bared the glares, I bared the sights,
    I accepted the pain, I accepted the lies.
    But sea touched the sky,
    One fine day they
    burnt my child alive!

    No lavender could spare their lives,
    So what, if I barter my body,
    why my girl had to pay its price?
    No police, no court have the right
    To spare those cannibals
    Who took my child's life.

    Flying colors seldom oozed her way,
    She was the Phoenix without wings.
    Tree may once breathe oxygen
    But unlike me my girl
    Could never sell her body!

    Winter breeze scented pale
    When this world didn't accept
    I was a prostitute but my girl
    Was an untouched independent female.

    She was the child of sunrise.
    Begging justice for her I realized
    There's no value
    of a prostitute and her child;
    I was asked out at every gate.
    There is no law in this world,
    Yet again I lost my faith.