• joseywhales78 6w

    freestyle flows to my fucking mixtape.

    i lied it's a fucking name get a fuck about the game gives a fuck about the pain and get the fuck about what the fuck you know don't you understand how fucking rearrange your motherfucking body parts for free it's a fuck how you feel fucking q u b motherfucking on the fucking battlefield gives a fuck about the yin of motherfuckers fucking motherfucking biden that's just fucking money and they be fucking what using trying to motherfucking abuse the facts he's a fuck about your fucking ass don't you understand i be fucking black get the fuck about your ass i react gives a fuck how you fucking feel this is on a mother fucker where i can real i say fuck so many times it be like fucking fuck this round gives a fuck about your ass on time get the fuck about what you say i put it all up in my what raps mother fucker don't you say don't you understand what i mean i don't even have to wrap a cuss words don't you understand how i be i mean fucking what i say get the fuck about a motherfucking mi