• abhi_a_mystery 5w

    It's sad to see what's becoming. We 'the non-indegenous' take pride in promoting the culture and beauty of NE region as a whole, let alone Meghalaya, calling it our home. Often even bragging about it and rejoice in. But certain sects of this very home, take every chance to demote us. Blood and sacrifice wrote our dispatch decades ago. Homes were left, lives were lost and yet here we are (the rightful and legal citizens), still looking for a place to call home. Being called out as Bangladeshis due to demographics or whatever racist propaganda you term it. Well, stop this communal bigotry.

    Humans migrate and have been migrating since time immemorial. No land belongs to no one except Mother Earth. We all are basically migrants of time. Some of us just reached this land before some of us did, and hence all this fuss. It's time we bring in some humility into our not so wise, nonsensical brain's and live in harmony, supporting eachother and fighting together against any injustice done towards anyone.

    NE has been neglected. You and us both need development, better education, jobs and food on our plates in this region. This name calling will not get us anywhere. Injustice has been done to many since ages and Justice hasn't been served to ALL (if you know what I mean). It needs to be served well and equally without any bias. And sadly some of us are never at the receiving end of the so called justice we speak of, yet all we desire is to live in peace. Do not make way for such hateful agendas. I so wish for a day, when we all could call every corner of this Earth 'Our Home' without being subjected to discrimination or fear.