• sonakshiarora 10w


    If there ever comes a day ,
    When sadness is all you face.
    Don't grieve for your loved ones,
    Because they'll be in a better place .

    Honour them in their own ways,
    But don't let yourself cry.
    Because they're safe and secure,
    Dancing above in the skies.

    Slow down and think of them,
    Remember them in everything you do.
    And know that they're here,
    Watching and protecting you.

    Cherish their lives forever,
    And always keep them in your heart.
    Do everything they had loved,
    And you'll never be apart.

    And if there ever comes a day,
    When sadness is all you face.
    Look at the sky above and smile,
    For they're the twinkling stars in space.