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    How often does
    it occur to you
    that the words
    you breathe
    in the name of love
    are really a slow poison.

    You spend your days
    reading or writing
    those stories
    about how your
    ideal love would be,
    that how your autumns
    will bloom in the world
    you create between
    some untouched pages,

    how your verses will
    become melodies and
    you both would sing them
    while having a long drive
    on one abandoned highway,

    how you will finally
    stop making sound when
    you enter in your home
    at the midnight and
    close the door
    as slowly as possible
    because there is someone
    sleeping in the next room
    and you don't want to
    wake her up
    because you care about her.

    how one day suddenly
    your Naina will stand
    in front of you on
    some railway station
    and your journey will begin
    while running to catch
    the moving train,
    first you won't realize
    the comfort, the love
    you share with her
    and after wandering around the world,
    at your best friend's wedding
    finally you will realize that
    she was, is the one,
    all that you were ever needed.

    You will make
    small efforts like these
    in the name of love,
    for that person will be
    the most precious thing to you
    and her happiness is all
    that will matter to you.

    You hope for all of these
    things to come true,
    all of the books that you
    have read about love,
    movies that you have seen
    on romance are what
    motivate you to believe
    that love does exist,
    but ain't all these
    just imagination of someone else,
    someone like you,
    someone who couldn't find
    love in reality
    so he made his own stories.

    - Rutvik

    // Reviews will be appreciated. //


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