• dlamare 5w

    I want to call you, and tell you about my day;
    Tell you all about my secrets, and that I'm not doing okay.
    I want to call you to let you know how I feel;
    Tell you how much I miss you, and how I never could heal.

    I want to tell you that I cry myself to sleep;
    With all this pain inside me that I keep.
    I want to tell you that I've been feeling so alone;
    And all I've be longing for, is home.

    I want to call you, but I know I've lost that right;
    I've lost you, and I've lost us to a much bigger fight.
    So I'll keep the phone down,
    along with all the things I want to tell you;
    And I hope you're doing okay.
    Well, that's all I could look up to.