• anunknownknownpoet 6w

    It is all about how we tried and lose, there's no ifs and oops,
    if everything was about practice and patience then why hurricanes came but couldn't break our homes.

    PS: home is not a place where we live, it is about love we hold in our eyes for us, it is the biggest palace to survive Indeed.

    It's not about you and me either sometimes destiny plays significant and biggest roles that's how and why rain comes and wet our eyes but couldnt reach our souls.

    How long one can hold something in his fists, matters, what it is. Memories or sands.

    Can we stitch someone's pains with bandages and needles
    it depends only whether it is a deep cut or a wound.

    You're stronger but that's not enough until you fight your fight alone.

    life is not about challenges, sometimes we just run to win, sometimes we lose to see someone's smile.

    broken hearts misheard nights as misconceptions but it actually the echoes of their own voices. This is want they always wanted to hear.