• ame_fightingfrlife 9w

    message box's Letter

    my greatest fear came to me through a nightmare,
    brought me back to the time when my heart skipped a rhyme.
    but few night's back she pulled her hand back and walked by leaving me alone in the hands of the cold night.i didn't understand what i should do and thought of sleep was the closest thing that came through, so i did as i was told to and realized‚Äč you will never come in my dreams, with a smile to say "hello" , as on that night i had a dream in which i was the one who you never knew.
    i woke up drenched in sweat thinking of the nightmare i just had.
    so i lifted my pen and decided to write everything to you.
    The very reason I'm writing this is to leave it at your doorstep/message box, hoping after finding yourself somewhere in these pages you will at least know that I'll always love you & miss you.