• polymath 5w

    By unknown writer

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    The tree that stood behind an environ is the soul of the people,
    You're the tree that fruited my mango
    And give it a pleasant taste to relished.
    I could reminisce again about thousands of sacrifices you have made,
    And the humiliations you have showered on your shoulder.
    I almost wave goodbye to the journey of acquiring knowledge
    And take a flight back home.
    When I was told of how you wounded your leg while hawking in the street
    And assaulted by a rogue who refused to pay after drinking two table water.
    This recorded the first time that Ajike won't be able to stop my tears.

    When the siege of your trials keep sweltering smoke
    And the darkness of the night lasted longer than ever.
    I couldn't bear the plight of seeing your hair disappearing
    In the hands of hustle and struggle.
    But then, Mama!
    I took the journey within the realm of your blood and sweat,
    And here I am, sitting on top of a tower among my peers.
    Mama, you have done it again

    ©Akeem S.A