• mirakeewrites_ 5w

    I sometimes wonder while I walk by,
    while looking at that boundless sky.
    I wonder if the life would be garden who would we be?
    would we be those flowers or mere weeds too nominal to see.

    First I thought, could we be the rose,
    that I would pluck to be kept between the prose.
    whose fragrance would spread,
    would you like to be the black, yellow or the red??

    Then I thought why the rose, its too common a flower,
    and I thought for over an hour.
    I thought and wind passed by with a dandelion seed,
    I pondered and thought its a mere weed.

    Wait, maybe you we can just be the dandelions
    ,fulfilling each other's wishes and all the dreams,
    our love ,isnt't it like that even growing in the very exteremes.
    But then I thought we are not too fragile to be blown away just by the wind to the sky,
    our love is too strong, it will rise too high.

    So dandelions? no we should we something else I think,
    suddenly a butterfly passed by giving me a wink.
    It passesd by and took me to the marigold,
    told me isn't this like you not too yound but neither too old.

    I gave it a thought, maybe we could be the marigolds,
    golden, red , blooming and growing fold by fold.
    But as I lookked to the other end, I saw some flowers smiling at me,
    as if they were waiting for me to see.

    Oh !! they were the sunflowers dancing in the wind facing the sun,
    And I instantly knew they were the one.
    We are like those sunflowers and that sun,
    too far away yet we are one..


    (PS- Just something that comes to me when I think about a garden..)


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    In the garden of
    Life, you be my sunflower
    I will be your sun.....