• samridhi_tripathi 9w

    Death is inevitable they say,
    And life is too short
    Tell me, which one to choose ?
    As with every ticking clock
    The heart pounds
    Hearing the demise,
    Hearing the great loss.
    Time shall pass over, they say
    I ask how?
    As every passing time
    Brings with it no mercy,
    No healing.
    Things are getting worse
    And so my limit to resist is extending
    No more I can face
    In the deadly race
    I am bleeding, I am bruised
    Still pacing
    Continuing to reach
    Don't know where,
    Remaining to feel partial death.
    More over in the process
    You will see me loosing life
    Or my life loosing its touch
    Is this your will ?
    To bring no heal
    Or, you have something better to reveal
    I ask you,
    Oh sunshine !
    Where is thy healing light
    Of happiness
    Here preserved in me is uneasiness
    Get me on either way of track
    Let me pass on with time
    Or help me to stay with healing.....
    ©Samridhi Tripathi

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