• naiveboy 11w

    Once upon a time there was a turtle and a rabbit and the rabbit challenged the turtle to a race. The turtle accepted and was soon defeated and heavily teased by the rabbit but the turtle thanked the rabbit for his time and walked slowly away, as days passed the rabbit became arrogant and challenged a cheetah and naturally the cheetah won and was about to eat the rabbit but the turtle protected him and challenged the cheetah and said if he lost he can eat him first and the cheetah laughed and accepted. As the turtle lost the cheetah bared his teeth and bit the turtle but it's shell was so hard it broke the cheetah's teeth and wounded he ran away, while the rabbit looked in awe realising speed isn't everything

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    What's wrong with slow?

    So what if I can't keep up?
    It does not mean your right
    I am still in this fight
    Aslong as I don't stop

    This is the story of the turtle
    Who knew he can't outrun the hare
    They had different lives and hurdles
    He knew that's life, always unfair

    Yet he was fine with the turns and twists
    He accepted his slow yet steady pace
    The rabbit's rush ended with the beast
    While the turtle stayed strong and lived his days