• pathway_to_success 45w


    I love your childish behaviour
    "Not your attitude "
    I love your frankness
    "not your colour"
    I love your positivity
    "not your perfume "
    I love your care
    "not your caste"
    I love your joyness/happiness
    "not your financial state"
    I love your smile
    "not your marks"
    I love your simplicity
    "not your success "
    I love your way of respecting
    "not your eternal looks"
    I love your forgiveness
    "not your cult attitude "
    I love you for your character
    "not for your looks"
    I love you naturally
    "not with mask of hide and seek "
    I love the way you are
    "not the one which you don't have "
    I love you by what you are unique about
    "not the one which you don't have "

    You are the ruling king and queen of my kingdom of friendship

    "rule me with your own rules"
    "care with your own way of care"

    I love the way you changed me and my mindset
    "not the way you are seeing the change "
    "For you I am a page in Bhagavadgita ,for me, you are Bhagavadgita "
    If I'm tree you are my carbon dioxide..

    @Bandi Kalyan