• thanewb 4w

    Live On Purpose

    It's so hard to be you in a world of what you should be

    You should be slaving away for someone else and be greatful you have a job

    You should be considerate of others feelings and not mention what is going on with you

    You should be uniformed and content with getting up and going to school everyday to learn nothing about yourself

    You should be honored that the police stopped and harassed you because they didn't kill you

    You should be thankful that you're not suffering the way they are

    You should be happy to be everything that the world wants you to be

    but you

    Its sad that a lot of us may never know who we are because we are taught what we should be

    I don't remember being asked what i wanted to be when i grew up as a child

    And even today I'm told to put a cap on my feelings because of how someone else may interpret it

    Your life should be what you want it to be

    If you want to be happy, you should be that

    If you feel some type of way you should deal with that

    If you find love it should be ok to live in that

    There is no guideline to your life but what you make of it

    You shouldn't have to be silent about what is hurting you

    You shouldn't have to dwell in the midst pain with no solution

    Your life is yours to live at the best possible with no regrets

    You should live without the limitations of anyone else's opinion

    You shoud live loud, proud and happy

    You should live on your terms

    You should live