• greencaterpillar 41w

    The drive to school

    On the long pathway leading to our gate, we generally meet a cat quietly scouting the neighborhood for food. 'Streaky!', I call out to it. It's one of the five kittens that we claim to have a loose parenthood over.
    Then on our market road, outside the closed supermarket store, two turkeys strut around majestically. Their black and grey plumage, red beard and beautiful bodies could be compared only to peococks maybe. They even spread out their wings, shake them like peococks in rain.
    Aadhira is fascinated to see all this.
    We keep moving forward towards a bridge, where we see on the way, dogs sleeping on the side, a chicken coop in a butcher shop, then a few free-range chickens and roosters. The roosters crow when we pass more often than not.
    Today we saw a brown mouse scuttling, more like racing along a moving car (parallel to the tyre). It was running very fast (didn't realise how fast mice could run) and yet we had full trust that no untoward incident will happen to it. The fuel it ran on, was sheer confidence.
    It managed to cross the road swiftly and scare the lady guarding colourful plastic pots, near the water tank. She screamed and we all laughed.
    At school I send her in, and keep looking at her until she's out of sight. Wondering if she will remember these moments. Also realising the importance of these moments, as our earliest memories shape our outlook towards people, nature, and life itself.
    These are precious memories. And I hope she remembers...