• mokshaa18 9w

    She was always willing to
    Receive her miracle,

    And so trusted more than she feared,
    And gave every experience,a fair chance...

    Waiting patiently, but rooted in belief
    That the odds will be surpassed
    Through grace.

    But why is her faith shaking now
    In the wreck caused by experiences ?

    The one who took refuge in belief
    All her life,
    Now would she give up the hope
    Of receiving that which she wanted the most ?

    What a crucial chapter of life !
    She is in doubt !

    She has witnessed and celebrated
    With joy Miracles happening all around...

    But, Why is it that she ends up in a mirage...?
    Is she not worthy of the miracle ?

    Is she being tested,
    Or is just to reveal how gullible she was !

    Is innocence and belief prized anymore ?
    Or is it just a measure of how much the person can be exploited ?

    They say her fault is that she believed more,
    But deep in heart she thought that belief transformed things !

    Why would God create her with love,
    If she was an emotional unfit ?

    She questions, her heart sinks in doubt !