• writer_from_nowhere 5w


    We're calling all the underdogs here
    We're calling for you
    Where are you?
    We're a team

    Everyone's just hanging around
    Looking down at us
    Like, "Hey, I'm so much better"
    But they can't do it without us

    Yeah, we're all around them now
    No one may notice now
    But the power's in our hands
    We can bring 'em down anytime we want

    We can be heroes, we can be villains
    Just go out and conquer the world
    And everywhere we go
    We'll send them running

    Yeah, we're the underdogs of this world
    We're survivors who know the planet
    And we're not alone
    Cause we got each other

    Our hearts race when we jump
    The blood's pumping in our veins
    And we're gonna on top
    We're ready for anything that comes our way