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    I thought it was funny.. Because this is the conversation actually which might go on in my body... ����
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    My heart : i can't take this anymore this pain is too much
    Brain : well i warned you before.. I warned you not mess with him.. now even i cant stop thinking about him
    Hands: yes you are so lost.. You made me write all those verses for him. I feel horrible
    Eyes: you are terrible.. Because of you the only one i see day and night is him..
    Legs: you are the worst, i can only follow him even though i know that even he doesn't want me to do it...

    My soul: stop criticising her.. It wasn't her mistake she fell in love and his soul called out to mine.. She can't stop it.. None of those great forces in the nature cant...
    For its love what creates us and breaks us.....

    (Conversations of my body)..