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    The first metaphorical work of mine... Hope you like it... You would not be told to hit the like button or follow me up.. But just read and feel the lines and I'll be happy as always..


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    Goodbye my dear City!!

    Old suitcase, with a leather cover,
    Hanging from a heavily built hand:
    Not only was that a city for dwelling...
    But an hour glass, with lessening sand...

    Not only was that a city for dwelling:
    But also was a zoo of memories....
    They were stored like animals--limited to cages,
    And were enjoyed by people from cities...

    Self-realization, self-respect and such things
    Finally motivated me to leave this city...
    I wish to waste no more time here;
    For I need to go far without falling for the pity

    I don't find any reason to be sad today,
    Because I'm doing this so that i can be in glee.
    I have to be strong... strong from inside out
    Such that the dying memories won't bother me.

    This city.... the city with my heart interwined with me
    Shall be left behind for mine and other's good;
    I should never look forward to be back here,
    For I'm tremendously tired of the falsehood.

    The journey would be long I know,
    But I would complete that and then take any rest;
    Only if I knew, all that glitters is not gold,
    And all golds are not found in a golden chest...