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    Mother: why do you be out till late evenings?
    Daugther: So which time of a day can you say is the correct time for a girl to walk safe till her home?
    Dad: You can't just justify for what you have done
    Daughter: Am not justifying,am saying the truth
    Dad: This kind of behaviour is not good
    Daughter: Behaving the way you want is correct,behaving like I want is wrong right?
    Mother: Staying out with friends till late nights,what do you expect the society to think about you and about our family?
    Daughter: how do you expect me to be like?a doll?a doll which behaves like the way you want to?
    Dad: what if someone tries to do something to you when your returning home like this at nights?
    Daughter: Basically you don't believe a girl to be strong enough to support her and help herself,you believe only a boy can resist for anything.You want a girl to depend on a boy for most of the things but irony is that the same boy becomes a harm for that girl and coming to the society it believe's anything which it heard and which it see's without even thinking.
    Mother: How arrogant have you become!
    Daughter: You call it being arrogant,I call it being matured,if you could judge my character on just seeing the way I be, then it's not called judging but is called deciding on something.
    Dad: I agree you're matured am sorry go and sleep for now.

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    You want a girl to depend on a boy for most of the things,but ironically it's the same boy who harm's a girl

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