• b_has2sayit 9w

    Your Pianist

    I try to get you off my mind,
    Relieve the pianist who wont stop pressing the key of your memories onto my heart,
    When he refuses to stop I beg him for a different melody,
    One where you did not push my hair out of my face like that,
    One where you kept the promises of friendship that you made,
    One that did not end in your silence,
    But he never does listen to my wishes,
    He plays your daunting melodies on the days I wish I could forget the most,
    I sometimes do not quite understand the pain you gave to me,
    I protected my heart with steel from you,
    Knowing you were not someone I was allowed to love,
    Yet here I am with a mouthful of I love yous that I never did say,
    And a stereo turned all the way up to drown out whatever it is that the song of you has to say today,
    Your melodies say so much,
    But your words still say nothing,
    Leaving me questioning the pianist if these are make believe,
    I can no longer sort out the what happeneds from I wanted it to happens,
    The pianist plays dirty tricks on my memories,
    Mixing together the two worlds,
    And your not here to help sort it out,
    You are not here,
    So all I have left...
    Is this pianist,
    And this melody,
    And although I hide from it on almost all the days,
    I turn it all the way up on days that my heart is missin you the most.
    -B Braswell