• venusphoenix97 5w

    Misunderstanding or Joke (Part 2)

    After several minutes, we arrived at the bar.
    The area is very crowded as it's filled with restaurants, bars, and lounges.
    We searched the area, but we couldn't seem to find our coworkers.
    Until we found another coworker who just arrived the area.
    We decided to have some snacks before continuing our search.
    While we were enjoying our snack,
    We saw another coworker who's walking towards a bar.
    We quickly paid our bill and went to the bar she entered.

    As we enter the bar,
    We saw our coworkers there and they have their drinks.
    We noticed that we were separated because we are from different cultures.
    One side from Western countries and one from Asian countries
    We walked towards the asian side and as we walked passed the western side,
    I saw him, the guy from the bike, chatting with his coworkers.
    As he was about to take a sip of his apple cider,
    He saw me taking a glimpse of him as I walked pass him and we smiled at each other.
    We took our seats and the waiter gave me and my friend the menu
    We scanned the menu and our coworkers said that our leader will be paying for our drinks.
    So I ordered tequila while my friend ordered mojito.

    Our leader walked drunkardly towards my friend and gave her a hug as he knew that she gave him a farewell gift card.
    He then walked towards me and had a small chat.
    While we chat, he was standing wobbly like he's gonna fall
    All of sudden, he asked why do I hate him so much
    I wanted to say so badly that it was because I know his true nature under the goofy and innocent mask that he has.
    I was then thinking,
    Should I tell him that in this drunkard state or I should just leave it alone so that he would leave the country with no hard feelings?
    I could have told him the truth,
    But I chose not to tell him and just gave him a small smile.
    I'm not really sure if it's a wise or stupid thing to do.

    As the night passed,
    My coworkers and I enjoyed chatting while drinking.
    As I was taking another sip of wine,
    the second drink that I ordered,
    There was a tap in the shoulder,
    I turned around to see the guy from the bike,
    Smiling at me and asked whether having a good time.
    I was pretty surprised as everyone from the other side were getting too drunk to care.
    I could tell from his face that he's also drunk and I admit that I was touched that he came over to have a small chat with me.
    I smiled and said yes.
    He asked what's my name,
    I said my name,
    He couldn't hear as the place was too noisy for him to hear.
    I said it as loudly as I could.
    He nods and he gave me his name.
    I couldn't hear it very clearly,
    But I knew what he said.
    He went back to his group and the night passed

    It was about time for us to go home.
    My friend and I were about to leave,
    Until our coworker stopped us and said that we had to pay for our drinks.
    We were confused as the leader already mentioned that he would pay.
    Quite frankly,
    I wasn't suprised as I saw it coming
    While my friend couldn't help but feel extremely pissed about it.
    We paid our bills and leave quickly.
    Despite that incident,
    I enjoyed the night as I felt happy that I got to have a small chat with him.
    That changed everything.