• introvertedaccountant 35w

    Euthanasia: Life On A Line (Differential Extended Version)

    Electronic line surges, will thy eyes open?
    Chest heaves, will thy mouth forever be outspoken?

    Pulse beats, is there a heart inside?
    Live and breathing, is there a soul inside?

    Forever waiting in vain,
    Will there ever be end to such pain?

    If love was not unconditional,
    Then the reality is perfectly irrational.

    I want to let go of you
    And find another one, better than me...

    I want you to forgive me
    And i will no longer bother you

    Just as i thought,
    Life is better if we're all dead

    Than to cry or to scream
    Than to ease the pain, instead.

    I just want to give up hope
    And put my life at stake

    I always want to end up my life
    Than waiting me, to wake...

    Pulse, are on a perfect line
    Beating and pumping, stops, in time

    You'll better see me at the funeral
    However, thy soul is not eternal

    You shouldn't see me in your dreams
    My mind is clearly empty, and so it seems...

    My quest is finally over, for today
    My life is already done, half a mile away

    Memories will be trash
    Am i too young to die? Yes, but in a flash

    There's no other way, to take me back
    My memory, was not a flashback

    Until it became true
    Until it became real

    Crying, and still crying
    Living while disappearing...

    You shouldn't recognized me anymore
    And so am I...

    Don't worry, just wait for me
    I'll be there when no one cares for me...

    I standing right in front of you
    But now, you're leaving me...

    I sit and talk, right in front of you
    But now, you're ignoring me...

    That's okay if you don't need me
    I'll die, that's the same thing, trust me