• harwoh 9w

    Thoughts of desperation

    Desperately wishing I could see through the law,
    Wearing suits wasn't just enough.
    Thinking it out loud was rough,
    Was I just a duffer?

    Read the books of life,
    Still didn't get the vibes.
    Didn't I go through them well,
    Or was I just to tell?

    Again, I dug the ground,
    Only to find gold, but i shivered.
    What I saw gave me cold
    Was I just a fragile soul?

    My goal was to win,
    But I was alone on the pitch.
    I played alone still,
    Was I a man of steel?

    Who are you to do me wrong?
    Are you just another demon?
    Am I just an object?
    Or another one down?

    Thoughts of been broken ☹️,
    Killing all day,
    Wanna be left alone to know,
    If am on the right path.