• disha1512 5w

    Don't give up

    I know life has been tough but I have done quite a good job to stay alive. I need to thank myself for not giving up so easily. I know life is not a straight line, it goes up and down. The challenges I have gone through, and those I will face in future may break me down. It makes me think about myself- worth, my weakness, and my failure. And this all things will try to hold me from walking towards my goal. It is like a dark cloud full of negative thoughts that turns even darker every time when I look up to find a hope. Yes! I admit my past life journey was not good as I expected. I know I am not great enough to encourage, to appreciate myself. Yes, now also my life is not 100% sure of my direction or what I am going to do for long-term in life. The clock is running a way too fast. Future is something that keeps me anxiously awake at night. Someday in failure, if I will be reading this I will enjoy it and will be proud of myself that I am following the same path with no regrets and I have become more mature to understand myself. And I know that I can work more hard to achieve my success...