• barlina 5w

    He carried life in his fist
    As my mangled body laid
    He sowed the remnants of hope
    Hoped to see me on a new page.
    I was the darkness in the soil
    But then I was in green
    His tears never ceased
    As he missed my morning glee
    The day came where I could see the horizon
    But he was no more
    Maybe he had forgotten
    Lord I was his old song
    A blissful day came
    I saw him with his Emily
    He began to tell a story
    I gave them shade
    For I am only a tree
    There were no more tears
    But a smile
    I heard my name in his voice
    He indeed remembered me
    They walked and walked
    Hand in hand
    The sun was setting
    And I sat
    I was the remnant of hope
    But now I give life
    A life we would've had
    But everything begins to say a goodbye.