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    Where art thou O' fain swain seeking strange(spoken word poem by me Brandon nagley on my Instagram imagine923)

    Word meanings-
    sagittiferous-1656 -1858 bearing arrows.
    scelidated- legged, having legs
    Art- are
    Thou- you
    Fain- happy, pleased
    Swain- young female lover
    ichnogram- footprints
    None- no

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    Sagittiferous art the avifauna,
    can't glide far, but surely wanna.
    Tangled feather's, scelidated
    detainees; with class they pass
    in the morning breeze. Like them
    I need a raceme to rest mine head,
    None ichnograms to follow; for I
    reach out in this hall of death,
    waiting for ones life-giving
    breath, a fain swain seeking
    strange, curiousness. O' how
    a morning kiss I do miss.

    © Brandon nagley
    © Lonesome poets poetry