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    Love & Hate

    What is love
    Love is the most beautiful feeling
    When you feel love
    It feels like you have everything
    When there is love
    You get strength to face obstacles
    When there is love
    You'll be a soft person
    When there is love
    You'll see everything positively

    But, what is the feeling of hate
    It is the opposite of love
    Love is the reason that hate is here
    The feel of hate
    It comes when you didn't get love
    You'll start to hate others
    Because they don't love you
    You'll hate
    When you don't get what you want
    You'll hate
    When others don't care about you
    You'll hate
    If you see you're in trouble but others are happy
    You'll be a hater
    In the search of love

    But why? Why love leads you to hate?
    Is it the fault of love
    No, Never
    It is your own fault
    Didn'tt you ever realised that you haven't done anything worth to get love
    Did you loved others so that they will love you in return
    When you don't know to love how would you feel the love

    Some people say
    That they loved others but they never felt the love
    I like to ask them did you loved them unconditionally
    Yes you should love unconditionally
    Why we have to lay conditions when we love someone
    Conditions can't bring you love and loyalty
    But it will bring discipline anger and broken trust

    Love the whole world unconditionally
    Don't expect anything while giving love
    Don't make the house of love on conditions
    They will male your love weaker
    Love the one who likes to hurt you
    At the end he'll inderstand your love
    When your love have broken your trust love them even more
    They will learn how to love
    Start forgiving them
    End the feel of hate in your heart ❤
    You'll feel the real freedom and hapiness

    Love everyone unconditionally
    In return you'll get a little love of your own