• kinky_eskimo 50w

    Let Me In

    Let us tell some secrets
    I think this will be fun
    Reveal the dark and deep
    We won't leave 'til we're done

    I see you over there
    You have something to hide
    But please do share with me
    And take me for a ride

    Into your subconscious
    I'm so eager to know
    What goes on in that head
    Are the lightbulbs a glow

    Oh dear I'm going in
    I can no longer wait
    You always take too long
    And I've taken your bait

    You can't get rid of me
    I ain't going nowhere
    Love, hate me its passion
    Real obsessive and bare

    Can we shock each other
    Can you keep a secret
    Quiet I'll keep for you
    Trust me and no regrets