• priyanshigupta__ 9w

    Why do I miss people who let go of me?
    Why did I fall in love again when I decided not to?
    Why did I fall when I thought I was finally going to rise?
    Am I vulnerable or it's just a little thunder striking my doorsteps? You know a warning before the rain.
    Everytime I look into the calendar I just see dates but today I am looking at the chances, risks.
    Like with the passage of time something inside me is getting carved.
    Even though if it's an uncertain, unexpected change, it still becomes necessary.
    I am lying on the bed tonight watching two broke girls and thinking how beautifully these girls had overcome their situations but isn't it a tv show?
    Well I know these thoughts are unbearable but I have to live with it.
    Life is not cakes and cherries after all and come-on I prefer tea even when it's 49°C.

    So how am I expecting everything to be easy , when I am addicted to kadak chai?

    Life for me is like a bournvita in cold milk, no matter how hard you try to mix it well , you shall still find some chunks of it in the milk.
    But isn't that tasty?

    That's how it is!