• shady_scarlet 23w

    Oh, look! How far we got.
    Isn't it surprising?
    Or is it not,
    Oh it's mesmerizing.
    Are we walking?
    Look, here we are!
    I can see you talking,
    How shy you are?
    I know, it's happening,
    What's happening though?
    I am tripping over,
    Are we at some coldpay show?
    Walking in distance,
    I am stealing glances.
    Do we hug or shake hands,
    What are the chances?
    You are smiling,
    What are you thinking?
    There must be something,
    It's kind of sinking.
    How awkward we are,
    Or are we not?
    I flip my hair,
    Thinking there's no shot.
    As I lay down,
    Thinking about sun.
    You show me stars,
    From where it begun?
    My feet goes numb,
    It's too cold.
    As the wave touches your foot,
    Isn't it too bold?
    So, here we are,
    Together, maybe not.
    Let's leave the beach,
    Before the sun gets hot.