• jyotsna_11 6w


    I have so much to say,
    So many stories to tell.
    Stories of the wars won,
    Stories of the fallen one.

    Stories that are still frozen in place,
    Stories that are imprinted.
    Stories how I became so close to people,
    But was still so utterly lonely.

    Stories of those helpless nights,
    Where I would shout for help.
    Stories of those empty nights,
    Where I felt numb instead.

    Stories of the times I knew I was left alone.
    Stories of the times I knew I can't hold on.
    Stories of the times people wanted to reach out.
    Stories of times they couldn't hold on.

    Story of the time I almost gave up,
    Story of the time I was too exhausted.

    There is an ocean of memories and stories behind these lips,
    Yearning to be explored.
    A sea of emotions that want to be told,
    I just haven't found someone that care's yet.